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CHANGE IS ADDITIVE—A 3D Printing News Series by Fathom

Change Is Additive—Week of 8/25/2017

CHANGE IS ADDITIVE—A 3D Printing News Series by Fathom

Accidents in 3D Printing, Second Quarter Manufacturers Outlook Survey, Additive Manufacturing of Structures for Orbit in Space, GrabCAD Print for Stratasys Systems and More

With so many weekly developments in a fast-changing industry like additive manufacturing, the headlines can really stack up. To cut through the clutter of 3D printing news, check out these staff picks of the week. What do you think is the most impactful development?

3D Printing Accident Results in Bioactive Tissue Paper with Healing Properties

Scientists and engineers at Northwestern Medicine are reporting they have invented a variety of bioactive “tissue papers” made of materials derived from organs that are thin and flexible enough to even fold into an origami bird. The new biomaterials have the potential be used to develop natural hormone production in young cancer patients and aid wound healing / / Watch Video

3D Printed Garment That You Can Buy Online

Many of us thinking of 3D printed clothes as one-off items reserved only for runways—but this is the story of how Daniet Peleg decided to create a platform to sell additively fabricated fashion that can actually be worn / / Watch Video

New Method for 3D Printing Living Tissues

Scientists claim to have developed a new method to 3D print laboratory-grown cells to form living structures. The approach could revolutionize regenerative medicine, enabling the production of complex tissues and cartilage that would potentially support, repair or augment diseased and damaged areas of the body / / Read More


Stratasys Beats Earning Expectations—What’s Next?

Stratasys focused on the following during its quarterly financial review—progress on its focus with customer engagement in key vertical markets (observing higher quality revenue opportunities), the organizations ability to leverage 3D printing expertise for manufacturing applications with significant recent Aerospace announcements and the markets acceptance of the F123 Series (strong sales and generating significant interest in rapid prototyping segment). Check out what Ilan Levin, Lilach Payorski and Shane Glenn had to say during the Q2 Conference on August 9


Space-Based Additive Manufacturing of Huge Structures for Orbit

Earlier this year, a company based in California claims it has built a 3D printing system that is producing multiple polymer-alloy objects of great size during a 24-day test inside a thermal vacuum chamber (TVAC) at NASAs Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley // Read More


Optimism is High for the Second Consecutive Quarter

Record-high optimism that was reported in the first quarter has carried into the second quarter of 2017, making it the highest two-quarter average in the survey’s 20-year history. Read more on why 80 percent of manufacturers think regulations are headed in the right direction—more than half of respondents say upcoming changes will allow them to expand operations, increase investment and add more workers.



GrabCAD Print for Stratasys Machine Users

GrabCAD Print by Stratasys simplifies the traditional 3D print preparation workflow and provides intelligence around additive equipment usage so your team can get quality prints, faster—enterprise 3D printing and made easy and accessible. Have a Stratasys-based 3D printer but not familiar with GrabCAD Print? In a recent webinar, GrabCAD Engineer Shuvom Ghose talks about the software and its many features and advantages / / Download // Webinar


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Imagery and News Sources: Stratasys, GrabCAD, NAM, Scientific America, Science Daily, Northwestern Medicine, Daniet Peleg

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