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Fathom is Laser Focused on Accelerating Customer Time to Market with EOS, EVOLVE Additive Solutions, and DMG MORI

With supply chain issues exacerbated by the current geopolitical and demand shortages, Fathom is committed to creating solutions for our customers. We are laser-focused on outcome-based results, and our customers rely on our deep industry experience to aid in their product development and production. We listen to our customers and are continually investing in technologies that alleviate their pain points within this fragmented market of solutions providers.

This last year has taught Fathom that customers need speed. Not just to get products to market faster, but to catch up to already compressed timelines that were generated as a result of delays.

Additive and Advanced manufacturing is reshaping the industry in the US to address the supply chain disruptions. Fathom, an industry leader in dynamic advanced manufacturing services, is continuing to expand its capabilities to establish solutions that address supply chain concerns. Fathom is increasing its already wide-ranging additive and advanced manufacturing resources to include the Evolve Additive Solutions SVP™ (Scaled Volume Production) Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process (STEP) technology, EOS M 300 Series Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) technology, and DMG MORI technologies. We’re heavily customer-focused & committed to quality.

Additive & CNC Investments //

Evolve Additive Systems SVP™ //
3D Print Injection Molded-Like Parts with Speed

Fathom and Evolve Additive Solutions have entered a key commercialization partnership to bring STEP, Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process, technology to Fathom’s already comprehensive additive capabilities and nationwide manufacturing network. It is important to pair the flexibility of additive manufacturing with the quality, volume, and scale of traditional manufacturing, and Fathom and Evolve address this with their partnership.

STEP technology is the first viable alternative to injection molding. It enables the additive production of ABS parts within hours or days instead of the typical several-month lead time for traditional injection molding parts. SVP offers higher part quality with both repeatability and scalability. Additionally, the Evolve SVP™ delivers a throughput that is 10 times faster than any other industrial additive printer.

STEP technology was developed for speed and scaled to offer a manufacturing solution for low- to mid-volume thermoplastic parts and created specifically for production manufacturing. Since Evolve STEP Technology relies on digital rather than physical molds, Fathom is able to produce the exact same part to the exact same specs with the Evolve SVP system.

Additive manufacturing, complemented by key advanced traditional manufacturing technologies, offers greater agility and flexibility than traditional manufacturing technologies alone. These technologies can meet the rigorous demands of customers in the aerospace, automotive, industrial, medical, and consumer sectors, where products are highly engineered with precise specifications.

Download the Evolve Fact Sheet

EOS M 300-4 Series //
Speed Up Your Production with a Machine That Offers up to 5x Higher Productivity

The EOS M 300 Series enables DMLS quality with up to 5 times higher productivity. Designed for industrial applications, the EOS M 300 Series offers multiple configuration options combined with safety and security features enabling digital Additive Manufacturing. The platform provides the flexibility to choose the degree of automation that best suits your needs for an optimized workflow as well as the option to easily ramp up as demand increases. It is also less expensive per part compared to single laser DMLS technology. Each of the four lasers can scan the entire build plate to eliminate part seams which is ideal for specific applications such as aerospace components.

Fathom was an early adopter of 3D printing and has had a long history of working with industry-leading EOS technology. Fathom has produced customer parts on EOS machinery since 2004 and is excited to offer expanded capacity for DMLS part production out of Fathom’s Hartland, Wis. headquarters. The M 300-4 Series is faster and can produce larger parts than what was previously possible with single laser DMLS technology. The EOS M 300 Series machine will be dedicated to servicing DMLS Aluminum part orders and will significantly reduce turnaround times for Fathom’s customers.

Are Your Ready to Increase Productivity? Contact your Account Manager to learn more about EOS.

Download the EOS Fact Sheet

Precision and Performance

The monoBLOCK series has a machine concept for every sector. The monoBLOCK has a wide range of capabilities including 5-axis simultaneous machining, highly dynamic high-speed milling, integrated mill-turning, high torque cutting or the broad field of productive parts machining in five axes. What makes this machine unique is its’ ability to produce a 24” cubic component with tolerances that are at .001” or less.

The system concept of monoBLOCK machines with their comprehensive range of options provides a solution for every application. A wide range of table solutions from highly dynamic 5-axis machining with Direct Drive to Mill Turn operations as well as the widest selection of spindles are the basis for the optimal configuration of this machine. Large door openings with unique access to the working area give the operator notable freedom and perfect handling.

There are many benefits to using this technology. This partnership offers Fathom the opportunity to accommodate new projects offering quick turnaround times, targeting 10-15 days from the start of the project to the completion of the project.

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Manufacturing Locations Across National Time Zones
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