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Midwest Composite Technologies

Midwest Composite Technologies Is Now Fathom

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We have a new name but we’re still ready to handle any job. Now offering expanded manufacturing capabilities and access to a leading provider in additive manufacturing and on-demand production.

Or contact us through email / / Experts@FathomMfg.com

Who is Midwest Composite Technologies (MCT)? // Midwest Composite Technologies has been providing advanced 3D printing and additive manufacturing services from Milwaukee to Wisconsin to the top companies across the US. From large format 3D printing and prototypes to low volume production services, Midwest Composite Technologies can take on the most complex rapid manufacturing projects.

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Who is Fathom? / / Fathom is one of the largest service providers for rapid prototyping and on-demand additive manufacturing in North America. We are driven to create a differentiated customer experience driven by speed, complexity & agility to provide the most unique and impactful on-demand manufacturing in the industry.

Fathom Offers / /

  • 14+ Manufacturing Methods Leveraging Additive, Subtractive & Formative Processes

  • Industry Leading Lead Times – National Footprint Covering All Time-Zones Across 5 Facilities

  • 200,000 SF of Manufacturing Capacity With Over 125+ Industrial Machines

  • 100+ Additive Large-Platform Industrial-Grade Machines / / 6 Additive Technologies

Main Services Include—But Not Limited To / /

  • Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing / / SLS, FDM, DMLS, MJF, SLA, PolyJet

  • CNC Machining  / / 3 & 5 Axis Machines

  • Urethane Casting / / High-Volume Prototyping & Bridge To Production

  • Domestic Injection Tooling & Molding / / In-House Tooling Expertise

  • Post Processing, Finishing & Assembly / / Including Large Scale Models

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MCT is now part of the largest, privately held, digital manufacturing company in North America.

More About Fathom / /

With a 100+ large-platform industrial grade 3D printing machines and its national footprint with over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity across five facilities, Fathom seamlessly blends in-house capabilities across plastic and metal additive.

Fathom also delivers traditional manufacturing technologies that include CNC machining, injection molding and urethane casting and is sought after for continually making the complex simple for its customers.

Founded over 35 years ago, Fathom is at the forefront of the Industry 4.0 digital manufacturing revolution serving clients in the technology, defense, aerospace, automotive and IOT sectors.


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Fathom Works With / /

Every day, companies from all industries trust us with low- to high-volume projects because of our award-winning expertise, speed and commitment to quality. From aesthetic models to functional prototypes to end-use parts on factory floors and store shelves, our experienced team can help you identify what technology and material make the most sense for your application type.

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Comprehensive Capabilities for Rapid Manufacturing

At Fathom we offer a unique advantage of speed and agility-our experts help companies go from concept to prototype to manufacturing in ways not previously possible. 

3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing
90+ Machines  
SLS / / Two-day  SLA / / Next-day 
FDM / / Next-day DMLS / / Three-day 
PolyJet / / Same-day MJF / / Two-day
Injection Molding

30 Second Quotes

Prototype Tool / / As soon as 10 days

10K Parts / / 10 days

Production Tool / / As soon as 3 weeks

CNC Machining

3 & 5 Axis Milling & Turning
(Plastics, Composites and Metals)

Tolerance Accuracy Range
from +/-0.001″ to 0.005″

Urethane Casting

Injection Molding Adjacent
without High Costs of Metal Tools

Most Commonly Used for High-Volume
Prototyping & Bridge to Production

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Fathom is driven by advanced technologies and methods that enhance and accelerate today’s product development and production processes.