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Same-Day, Next-Day 3D Printing

The Fathom team is proud to now offer same-day and next-day options for its high-end digital fabrication services. Fathom is an advanced manufacturer and 3D printing expert with expedited additive manufacturing options to support quick turnaround project needs. Fathom’s Same-Day and Next-Day 3D printing services are ideal for speeding up the product development process—go from concept to prototype to manufacturing in an accelerated way that was not previously possible.

Same-Day 3D Printing

Available for Same-Day Pick-up by 5PM or Shipping 

PolyJet Technology

Single Material—First Available Vero & Multiple Material—VeroWhite+/TangoBlack+

Next-Day 3D Printing

Available for Next-Day Pick-up by 5PM or Shipping

PolyJet Technology

Single Material—TangoBlack+, VeroWhite+, VeroBlack+, VeroClear, ABS-Like &

Multiple Material—VeroWhite+/TangoBlack+

FDM Technology

ABSplus/M30 (White), PC (White), ASA (White), PC-ABS (Black), Nylon12 (Black)

Standard 3D Printing

Many Materials Available Per Industry Standard Lead Times

PolyJet, FDM, SLS and DMLS

Fathom Offers Hundreds of Material Options— from rigid and flexible PolyJet materials to durable engineering-grade FDM thermoplastics to standard and custom powdered metals for laser sintering

*All orders are subject to approval. Standard lead-times can vary depending on geometry and size of parts, as well as material availability. Some materials may require additional fees—speak with a Fathom expert for further details.


Same Day 3D Printing Services //

Fathom Digital Manufacturing offers same-day additive manufacturing services for 3D printed prototypes and production parts. Our nationwide production centers are equipped with industry-leading equipment. Get the parts you need built and ready for pick-up or shipment within the same day the order was placed. Start a conversation with a manufacturing specialist today.

PolyJet Technology is an industry favorite—high-quality 3D printing ideal for applications that require higher resolution and excellent surface finish.

Same-Day Pricing //Rush Fees Apply & $150 Order Minimum

Same-Day Guidelines //

  1. PolyJet Single Material—First Available Vero & Multiple Material—VeroWhite+/TangoBlack+
  2. All Parts Together Must Fit Within Dimension Requirements: 240mm x 100mm x 40mm
  3. Total Quantity < 20 (Number of Parts Per Order)
  4. 3D CAD Files & Payment Must Be Submitted to Fathom by 10AM PST
  5. Order is Available for Pick-up by 5PM the Same Day or Will Be Shipped

Next Day 3D Printing Services //

Fathom offers next-day 3D printing services to support your fast-moving product development process. Whether you order prototypes or production parts for end-use, our production centers will hustle to expedite the order. Overnight 3D printed parts will be built and ready for pick-up or shipping the day after the order was placed. Start a conversation with a manufacturing specialist today.

PolyJet and FDM technologies are industry favorites—whether you need 3D printed parts with higher resolution and excellent surface finish or the durability of engineering-grade thermoplastics, many great material options are available for Next-Day delivery.

Next Day Pricing //Rush Fees Apply & Minimum is $150

Next Day Guidelines //

  1. PolyJet & FDM Material Options
  2. Subject to Geometry, Sizing, Quantity of Parts & Build Times
  3. 3D CAD Files & Payment Must Be Submitted to Fathom by 4PM PST
  4. Order is Available for Pick-up by 5PM the Following Business Day or Will Be Shipped

Standard 3D Printing Services //

From smooth surfaces to thin walls to complex geometries to rigidity to rubber-like materials—the Fathom production centers are outfitted with the best additive manufacturing technologies that enhance and accelerate your production development process.

The Fathom team offers standard lead-times for a variety of materials and model finishing services are also available. Start a conversation today with a Fathom expert to learn more.

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

  • Standard Lead Times // 2-4 Days
  • Standard Material Options* // ABSplus/M30 (White), PC (White), PC-ABS (Black), ASA (White), Nylon12 (Black) and More


  • Standard Lead Times // 2-3 Days
  • Standard Material Options* // Single Material—TangoBlack+, VeroWhite+, VeroBlack+, VeroClear, ABS-Like, VeroBlue, VeroGray, Tango+ and More. Multiple Material—VeroWhite+/TangoBlack+, Custom color, Simulated Overmolding and More.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

  • Standard Lead Times // 2-5 Days
  • Standard Material Options* // Nylon (PA2200)—Ask About Additional Options
  • *All orders are subject to approval. Standard lead-times can vary depending on geometry and size of parts, as well as material availability. Some materials may require additional fees—speak with a Fathom expert for further details.
  • To learn more about Fathom’s Same-Day, Next-Day and Standard Lead-Time options, as well as terms and conditions, start a conversation with a Fathom expert today.

Why Use Fathom for Your On-Demand Part?

Fathom offers a specialized online platform that provides users with quick and easy access to 3D printing services for prototyping and low-volume production. Fathom utilizes the most advanced technologies and materials to help companies quickly and efficiently innovate new products. Create an account or log in using your username and password:

  1. Upload CAD files then choose technology & material type
  2. Review pricing & lead-time options
  3. Choose shipping, enter billing information & place order

Can’t Find The Material You Are Looking For?

The Fathom production team offers the widest range of additive technology materials. The most commonly used are available through SmartQuote, Fathom’s on-demand digital manufacturing platform.

To learn more about Fathom’s services and material options, visit fathommfg.com/3d-printing-services. You can also request more information by emailing expert@fathommfg.com.

Fathom’s Technologies for Rapid Prototypes & Production Parts

Check out these additive and advanced manufacturing services offered by Fathom //

  • Stereolithography  //SLA cures photopolymer resin with an ultraviolet laser. The laser traces a shape dictated by the original file across the surface of the resin bath. The resin touched by the laser hardens, then the build platform descends in the resin bath, and the process is repeated until the entire part is complete.
  • Selective Laser Sintering //SLS uses a blade to spread a thin layer of powder over the build volume. A laser sinters the cross-section of the part, fusing the powder together. The z stage then drops one layer, and the process begins again until the build is finished. Parts are then excavated from the build powder-cake and bead blasted. The unused powder in the build envelope acts as the support structures, so no support removal is necessary.
  • PolyJet //PolyJet is photopolymer-based jetting process that distributes material droplets layer by layer onto a build platform (immediately cured by a flash of UV light). At the end of the build process, the object is fully cured and can be handled immediately without post-curing. This technology includes the use of a gel-like support material, designed to enable complicated geometries (removed by soaking and/or water jetting).
  • Multi Jet Fusion //MJF technology builds parts by laying down a thin layer of powder on a print bed over and over. The inkjet array in the print carriage sweeps over the print bed, jetting two agents downward—a fusing agent, printed where the powder will fuse together, and a detailing agent that is used to reduce fusing at the part boundary in order to achieve greater detail.
  • Direct Metal Laser Sintering //Metal 3D printing, also known as Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) and Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM) is an additive layer technology. A metal 3D printer utilizes a laser beam to melt 20-60-micron layers of metal powder on top of each other. Powdered metal is spread across the entire build platform and selectively melted to previous layers. This additive process allows metal parts to be grown out of a bed of powdered metal. The process is like other polymer-based 3D printers that use powder bed fusion.
  • Fused Deposition Modeling //FDM is a filament-based additive technology distributed by a moving print head that extrudes a heated thermoplastic material in a pattern layer by layer onto a build platform. This technology includes use of a support material to create supportive structures that are removed by force or solution.
  • Urethane Casting //A master pattern is first designed using 3D CAD software. The master pattern is then created using PolyJet or stereolithography. The client may also provide a master pattern. The pattern is placed in liquid silicone to form a mold. Once the mold is fully cured, it is halved and the master pattern is removed. The cavity left behind is used for casting. Urethane or other resin materials are added to the mold tool and cured.
  • CNC Machining //An engineer creates a CAD model of the part to be made. The machinist translates the CAD file into a CNC program and prepares the machine. The CNC program is initiated and the machine produces the part.
  • Injection Molding //To begin the process, a custom mold is produced according to the project specifications. The material chosen is heated to its melting point and then delivered to the mold cavity. The molten material begins to cool and take shape inside the mold. Once it has fully cooled, the part is ejected from the mold and caught by a bin. The machine resets in order to begin the process again.
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication / / To begin, a sheet metal fabricator will convert a CAD design or engineering drawing into machine code. Then, a CO2 laser cuttingwater jet cuttingwire EDM, or other sheet metal cutting machine will begin to remove material to form the geometries of the desired part. After the material is cut, the material is bent or formed into the correct shape. The part then moves to post-processing or assembly, including adding inserts, welding or finishing.

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