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Metal Cutting & Forming
Comprehensive sheet metal prototyping, fabrication and finishing services

Whether you need small, complex parts like brackets, wire guides, clips and springs, perfectly flat washers, shims and precise filters or large quantities of formed sheet metal panels, housings and enclosures, Fathom does it all. Our experts have decades of expertise and bring unmatched ingenuity to help you move your sheet metal projects from prototype to production quickly and cost-effectively.

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Sheet Metal Prototyping

Fathom’s quick turnaround on prototype parts makes it possible to iterate your way through multiple design variations and bring your product to market faster.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Cut, bend, roll, form and assemble sheet metal parts into finished products with Fathom’s comprehensive sheet metal fabrication services. From design assistance to painting, kitting and assembly, Fathom simplifies your supply chain and accelerates your time to market.

Water Jet Cutting

Well-suited for prototypes to low- and medium-production parts, Fathom’s water jet cutting service is a versatile and cost-effective solution for precision metal parts cut with a high degree of accuracy.

Micro Water Jet Cutting

Ideal for fast prototypes as well as bridge, low and high production applications, Micro Water Jet Cutting is faster than EDM and doesn’t create heat-affected zones. Fathom is the only contract manufacturer in the world that can offer this advanced cold-cutting technology.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is ideal for creating complex parts with fine details that are impossible to achieve using a punch press — and without the cost of tooling. Paired with our automated loading and unloading systems, laser cutters are a perfect fit for medium- to high-production applications.

Photo Chemical Etching

Because it doesn’t rely on heat or mechanical force, photo chemical etching produces complex parts with fine details that are free of burrs and distortion – perfect for precision applications like aerospace, electrical components, hydraulics, fine screens and filters.

Wire EDM

Unaffected by the hardness of the material, wire EDM can cut an entire stack of metal plates at the same time as a single workpiece – making it surprisingly versatile, efficient and cost-effective.

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