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Fathom’s advanced prototyping and manufacturing services are helping some of the most innovative companies in world. Read our latest coverage below.

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The Manufacturer As of June 1, 2020, over 3.3 million 3D printed parts have been delivered to hospitals by HP, with even more produced by their customers. This includes hundreds of thousands of nasal swabs by Abiogenix and Fathom… / / continued / /
CNET In an extended feature on Mercedes, CNET “On Cars” Host Brian Cooley includes his visit to Fathom’s newly expanded facility to explore the ways 3D printing is being used to augment and accelerate automotive innovation… / / continued / /
CNET Meet the BOOMcast, a 3D-printed cast with embedded electronics, which gives patients more freedom and allows doctors to monitor a patient’s progress anywhere in the world… / / continued / /
GeekWire Fathom, one of the nation’s top 3D printing companies, has had a sales office in Seattle for the past five years. But to meet demand and better serve its customer base in the Northwest… / / continued / /
3D Print [com] When evaluating the impact that 3D printing has had on the world around us, the industry typically likes to focus on the innovation that has taken place within a wide range of industrial and commercial applications… / / continued / /
Gizmag Fathom cooks up 3D-printed smart oven… / / continued / /
San Francisco Business Journal Three-dimensional printing — technology that builds physical objects from digital files using layers of materials ranging from plastic to metal and more — has come a long way since it was invented more than 20 years ago… / / continued / /
3D Printing Industry In this video from Fathom, the rapid prototyping and 3D printing firm demonstrates the entire process of 3D printing for injection molding purposes. What’s great about this video… / / continued / /
Diablo Magazine Tech Boom: High quality of life, lower rents and a brilliant workforce are luring start-ups to the east bay. Meet the fearless pioneers who are staking their claim… / / continued / /
Inc. 500|5000 From concept consulting and design to rapid prototyping and production, Fathom is a product development company that utilizes advanced technologies such as 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing… / / continued / /
Oakland North Nearly a century ago, the warehouse on Jefferson and 4th Street in Oakland was a brass foundry. Back then, workers melted scrap metals to create the amber alloy… / / continued / /
3D Printer World Fathom is the largest 3D printing and rapid prototyping production center in the San Francisco Bay area, so it only made sense that they… / / continued / /

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