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Production Manufacturing

  • Prototyping and Low-Mid Volume Production
  • Post-Processing Services Help Streamline Your Supply Chain
  • Hands-on Support to Deliver High-Quality, Affordable Parts

Fathom’s Production Services
Your manufacturing partner for ANY stage in your product’s life

Fathom is your premier source for concepting, prototyping, bridge production and low-mid volume manufacturing of customized parts.

Comprehensive Capabilities

Fathom is one of the largest on-demand manufacturing and engineering service firms in the U.S., with over 25 technologies spanning additive manufacturing, injection molding, sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining. We specialize in prototyping, bridge production and small-mid volume manufacturing of customized parts.

Many competing firms avoid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing because it’s hard to do at scale. But we’ve mastered it. It’s a space where we can add tremendous value to our customers, providing them with personalized advice on how to optimize their part designs, materials and processes. We serve as an extension of your engineering team, helping you to bring your products to market faster.

Finishing & Post-Production

In addition to robust production capacity, we also offer an extensive set of post-processing capabilities that are designed to help you simplify your supply chain. From post-machining and placing of inserts to painting and assembly, we make your life easier.

Quality is Priority Number One

Our extensive roster of services is backed up by a comprehensive quality management system. At Fathom, our commitment to in-house inspections enables us to turn around parts quickly, including CMM validation, surface inspections and tensile strength testing. In addition, we have a proven ability to comply with customer-specific process, material and workmanship standards. Learn more about our commitment to quality.

Our certifications include AS9100, ISO 9001:2015, NIST 800-171 and ITAR. Learn more about our certifications.

Why Choose Fathom for Your Part Production Needs?

Fathom has the expertise and technology to help you meet your needs faster.

Working with Fathom begins with access to an engineer, who will work closely with you to understand your needs. Our comprehensive DFM process can help identify and solve potential design problems early in the product development process and recommend changes to improve the manufacturability of your parts.

We’ll also help you optimize your material selection and production process for the best results, at the best price. Our experienced engineers will help you efficiently move your projects from prototype to manufacturing.

Our focus on prototype manufacturing and low- to mid-volume, highly customized parts is a perfect match for any company that is looking for ways to accelerate its rate of new product development.

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