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Rapid Tooling & Injection Molding

  • Prototype Tool In Soon As 10 Days
  • Production Tool In As Soon As 3 Weeks
  • 10k Parts in 10 Days
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Tooling & Injection Molding Services
Complex Parts
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with Versatile Materials
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Tooling and Injection Molding

Fathom has formed the Fathom Tooling+ Team, building on more than eight decades of tooling and injection molding experience. Fathom offers a single-source global solution that supports any size company’s low- to high-volume molding needs. In-house experts working side-by-side are improving the injection mold business model—accelerating the quoting process, as well as including Design For Manufacturing (DFM) overview with every initial quote.

  • Prototype Tool In As Soon As 10 Days

  • 10K Parts In 10 Days

  • Production Tool In As Soon As 3 Weeks

  • Up To 25K Parts In As Soon As 21 Days (Tools Built for 250k to 1 Million+ Shots)

  • DFM Overview Included with Every Initial Quote

The Fathom team also offers an accelerated training program for anyone involved in the product development process who wants to learn more about how to efficiently and effectively navigate through the tooling and injection molding process.

ICOMold by Fathom / /

ICOMold is a now part of Fathom Manufacturing!

In addition to Fathom’s long-standing expertise in injection molding, ICOMold, one of the world’s leaders in custom injection molding parts, has joined the Fathom company.

To learn more about injection molding with ICOMold by Fathom, develop plastic injection mold cost planning for future projects or get a 30-second online quote injection mold quotes, visit ICOmold.com.


Industries Applications / /

From consumer products to electronics to metal to automotive to aerospace, the Fathom team works with all types of companies who want to enhance and accelerate their tooling and injection molding process. Fathom experts also know how to leverage additive technologies and advanced processes to help you realize products with the greatest functionality. Fathom offers three tooling options which include Rapid Tooling, Prototype Tools and Production Tools. A Fathom expert can help determine which option is best for your current development stage.

Rapid Tool
(Master Unit
Die Base)
1.5-3 Weeks 5,000 Shots 0.010in 0.010in ±0.003 + 0.002in/in Pantone Colors A2 Yes
Prototype Tool
(Stand Alone)
2-4 Weeks 5,000-50,000 Shots 0.010in 0.007in ±0.005 +
Production Tool 5-10 Weeks
(Depends on Size and
1,000,000 Shots
(Depending on Class of Tool Selected)
0.005in 0.005in SPI

*Note—May Affect Lead-Time

Why Choose Fathom for Tooling & Injection Molding?

The Fathom team’s agility is our greatest advantage over other molders. With Fathom, you will get your results faster and better than traditional molding practices. Whether you need help with design elements, tool construction, material selection or post operations, you can count on this dynamic team for all of your molding needs.

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