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Accelerate Your New Product Development
Explore our portfolio of additive solutions to accelerate your new product development

From early concepts and rapid prototyping to production and post-processing, we guide you to achieve the full potential of additive manufacturing. Our experienced engineering team can help you select the right technology, material and process to meet your requirements. We offer full post-processing capabilities under one roof and can deliver 3D-printed parts as fast as the next day.

We have over 40 years of expertise working with additive technologies. That’s right. We’ve been building parts for customers since the dawn of the 3D printing revolution. We’re now one of the largest third-party additive manufacturers in the U.S., with deep expertise to match.

Advantages of Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing offers some significant advantages compared to traditional manufacturing methods:

  • Build unique and intricate part designs that can’t be made using subtractive manufacturing
  • Enable rapid prototyping to iterate your way toward an ideal design
  • Accelerate the path from prototype to production
  • Build parts quickly, without the time and cost commitments of tooling
  • Enable low-volume production runs and creation of customized parts
  • Produce less waste than subtractive manufacturing methods
  • The ability to recreate legacy parts and print them on an as-needed basis
  • Consolidate complex assemblies into a single part

Explore Fathom’s
Additive Manufacturing Solutions

Learn more about our 3D printing services and capabilities:


Colorful Demonstration Models and High-Fidelity Prototype Parts — Fast

  • Colorful and Detailed Demonstration Models Quickly
  • Fast Prototype Parts with Fine Detail and Smooth Surface Finish
  • Blend Multiple Materials and Durometers in a Single Part

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Validate and Build Durable, Chemical Resistant Parts for Extreme Conditions

  • Produce Durable Prototypes Fast
  • Prototyping and Production with Thermoplastic Materials
  • Larger Build Size Than Other Additive Technologies

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Complex, High‑Performance Parts Made Simple

  • Build Complex Designs With Fine Detail
  • Ideal For Rapid Prototypes & Production Parts
  • Create Intricate, High-Quality Parts With Unmatched Precision

STEP Technology

3D-Printed Parts at Injection Molding Output Speeds – Without Tooling

  • Build High-Quality Thermoplastic Parts Fast – Without Tooling
  • Produce Multiple Different Parts in One Build
  • Minimal Design Restrictions

Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)

Affordable 3D Printing with Fine Details and Complex Geometries

  • Cost-Effective Short-Run Production and Prototyping
  • Build Complex Geometries with High-Performance Materials
  • Produces Thinner Layers and Finer Details

Stereolithography (SLA)

High-Quality, Presentation-Level Accurate Resin-Based 3D-Printing

  • Ideal for Producing Highly Detailed Visual Models and Prototype Parts
  • Build Parts With Tight Tolerances and Fine Details
  • High-Quality Surface Finish

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

Complex Metal Parts Fast for Prototype and Bridge Production Parts

  • Get High-Quality Metal Parts Fast – Without Tooling
  • Build Complex Geometries with High-Performance Metals
  • Consolidate Assemblies Into a Single, Printable Part

Additive Post-Processing Services

We offer complete finishing and final assembly services in-house—creating turnkey finishing services that are flexible, quality-driven and cost-efficient.

Case Study //

A customer came to Fathom with a complex part that required complex tooling for a racetrack-style scoreboard panel. Fathom recommended STEP technology, a groundbreaking 3DP technology that is able to print injection mold-like parts in days instead of weeks, with similar functional properties and surface finish of injection molded ABS.

Results //
With the deployment of STEP technology, quick and smooth DFAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing) for clip designs saved time and money.

43% Cost Savings   |   63% Time Savings

Support Through Your Product Lifecycle

Fathom supports its customers from the early product development stage and prototyping through bridge and full production. We’re organized to help you streamline your supply chain and accelerate your time to market.

Why Choose Fathom for Additive Manufacturing?

Fathom Manufacturing is a one-stop manufacturing solution for the world’s leading companies.

We combine a breadth of manufacturing technologies with an unmatched depth of engineering expertise. Our customers leverage our over 25+ manufacturing technologies to simplify their supply chains and shorten the time to market for new product innovations.

Fathom brings over forty years of additive manufacturing expertise to the table. In short, when you partner with us, you get access to a whole team of experienced people who will provide you with the advice and expertise you need to keep your projects moving smoothly and achieve the best results.

Our experts are ready to talk to you about your additive manufacturing project. Get started today with an online quote.

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