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Advanced Digital Manufacturing

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Advanced Digital Manufacturing

Fathom is a single-source manufacturer ready to help take your manufacturing project from concept to production and beyond. We offer a wide variety of advanced digital manufacturing services to create high-quality products and prototypes for various industries.

Some of the advanced digital manufacturing services offered by Fathom include / /

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Products such as chassis, brackets, enclosures, and more can be produced with sheet metal fabrication. Our advanced digital manufacturing services include various sheet metal fabrication solutions. Multiple subtractive manufacturing processes fall under the category of sheet metal fabrication. Here are some of our advanced and digitally oriented manufacturing services specific to sheet metal fabrication / /

Sheet Metal Prototyping

Sheet metal prototyping uses a specialized fabrication processes to produce a quick, durable, and versatile prototype. This custom sheet metal prototype can help you gather valuable feedback about the design and help your team finalize the product before launch as well as reduce costs.

Production Sheet Metal

Our facilities can handle precision sheet metal manufacturing at scale. We are a trusted contract manufacturer for outsource production.

Water Jet Cutting

A powerful stream of water, controlled by CNC technology, can cut a range of soft and hard materials. A stream of pure water may be used to cut soft materials. A stream of water mixed with abrasives may be used to cut hard materials. A high-pressure pump forces water through the nozzle to power the water jet. Water jet cutting can be used to create precise cuts in a variety of materials.

Micro Water Jet

Micro water jet cutting uses water jet cutting on a micro-level. Micro jet cutting can produce small components for many industries where there is no room for error. Industries that utilize micro water jet cutting include electronics, aerospace, aviation, and more.

Laser Cutting

There are multiple types of laser cutting machines available in gas (CO2), liquid, or solid-state (fiber optic). Laser cutting uses a high-powered laser beam to cut, engrave, or mark material.

Chemical Etching

Chemical etching is a subtractive manufacturing method that selectively removes material using baths of temperature-controlled etching chemicals. The resulting parts are extremely precise and with high levels of detail. Chemical etching can provide intricacy and precision.

CNC Machining

CNC machining is another advanced digital manufacturing process offered by Fathom. CNC machining allows for rapid prototyping with various surface finishes. CNC machining is a completely automated process with precise repeatability, making the transition prototype to high volume manufacturing easy and seamless. Below are more in-depth CNC machining services offered by Fathom / /

Advanced Machine Shop Services

Fathom offers advanced machine shop services. As a digital-first manufacturer, Fathom has the machines and tools to support subtractive manufacturing. Cutting, drilling, stamping, forming, and more are just some of the advanced services we can offer.

Wire EDM

Wire EDM is another CNC-based, advanced manufacturing service offered by Fathom. The wire EDM process starts by submerging a metal piece into de-ionized water (dielectric). An electrically charged, thin metal wire melts through the metal using heat from electrical sparks. The wire itself is no thicker than a human hair and does not make contact with the work piece. The voltage allows the spark to jump the gap between the wire and the work piece, causing the material to melt. The wire holds one side of the charge, while the conductive material holds the other side. The dielectric liquid helps control the electrical sparks, cools the work piece, and flushes away the cut material.

Urethane Casting

Urethane casting is yet another advanced manufacturing service offered by Fathom. The urethane casting process starts with a master pattern that is designed or supplied by the customer. The master pattern is then placed into liquid silicone to form a mold. The mold is halved and the master pattern is removed once the silicone has cured. The cavity left behind is used for casting. Urethane or other resins are used to make parts from the mold.

Injection Molding

Injection molding is a common manufacturing method that is capable of producing parts of high quality in high volumes. Fathom’s advanced digital manufacturing approach to injection molding allows us to take on various projects of varying complexity. Here are some of the ways Fathom and ICOMold by Fathom support injection molding projects / /

U.S.-Based Injection Molding

Take your project from concept to production using our streamlined digital approach. Our in-house team of experts includes engineers and designers who can partner with you on design, prototyping, and production. Fathom’s diverse range of manufacturing processes, coupled with our experience, will give you the tools needed to get the job done all while exceeding expectations.

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