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AMT PostPro3D

AMT PostPro3D

The only automated turnkey 3D post-processing technology delivering end-use parts at scale.

AMT Post Processing

AMT’s PostPro3D technology is a smart and automated post processing solution for smoothing thermoplastic polymer 3D printed parts. PostPro3D achieves a high quality surface finish that matches injection molding techniques using 3D printing processes. This enabling technology reduces lead-time, cost of manufacture, operational and maintenance costs providing the ‘missing piece’ in the digital manufacturing chain.

The PostPro3D machine makes 3D part surface finishing speed and cost competitive for high volume production. Talk to an expert at Fathom today to take your parts to the next level using AMT PostPro3D for post processing.

“The AMT PostPro3D finishing worked great for my application—smoothed the surface so the mating parts slid nicely together. Thanks for suggesting it.” – Mike, Principal Engineer, Global Telecom Supply Company

AMT PostPro3D Datasheet / / Download

Choose AMT PostPro3D post processing to enhance surface look and feel of 3D printed parts for a wide variety of materials. This post-processing technique eliminates the need for time-consuming sanding or other surface smoothing processes. Utilizing the PostPro3D for end-use parts is a great option for projects on a tight product development schedule.

Surface Enhancements / /

  • Removes Surface Porosity To Improve Mechanical Performance
  • Enhance Surface Aesthetics With A Smooth Surface & Vibrant Color
  • Easier to Dye & Coat Sealed Surfaces
  • Easier to Certify Sealed Surfaces for Skin & Food Contact
  • Reduction in Bacterial Growth
  • Maintain Dimensional Accuracy Without Marks From Fixtures
  • Eliminate Need to Sand 3D Printed Parts

Process / /

  • Allows For Short Cycle Time
  • Maintain Perfect Consistency From Batch To Batch
  • Process A High Density Of Parts In A Large Chamber (16in x 24in x 15.7in)
  • Complies With All Industrial Health & Safety Standards

Materials / /

  • Works With Powder & Extrusion-Based Technologies
  • Tested on 80+ Thermoplastic Polymers
  • Elastomers / / TPEs, TPUs, PEBAs, SBCs
    • Surface roughness reduction of over 1,000%
    • Processing provides parts with improved hardness shore, elongation-at-break & tear resistance
    • Uniform sealed surface
    • Shrinkage reaches a maximum of 1%
  • Rigid Plastics / / PA6, PA11, PA12, ABS, PC Arkema Rilsan® Polyamide 11
    • Surface roughness reduction of over 800%
    • Processing provides parts with improved ultimate tensile strength, yield stress & elongation-at-break
    • Quality sealed surface
    • Increased functionality
  • Performance & Composites / / Carbon Filled, Glass Filled, Flame Retardant, Nanocomposites 
    • Increased durability
    • Processing provides parts with improved elongation-at-break & ultimate tensile strength
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AMT PostPro3D Material Compatibility List / / Download

AMT PostPro3D

MJF Parts shown before and after AMT PostPro3D processing

Compatible Technologies / /

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) have become popular among designers and engineers for many reasons. All of these 3D printing technologies allow for higher productivity, lower cost per part and for design flexibility. With the addition of AMT PostPro3D finishing, achieve surface quality similar to injection molded parts without the costs of tooling or longer lead times.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is a commonly used powder-based additive technology to create models, prototypes and end-use parts in durable, engineering-grade thermoplastics. Consider SLS technology for applications that involve high-complexity and organic geometries, as well as parts requiring durability. SLS nests in the z direction which allows for short-run production and efficient builds. This technology is also capable of producing parts with finer details than most other processes that use high-strength plastics, however, surface finishing is recommended.

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SLS Parts Post Processing

SLS Parts shown post processing with AMT PostPro3D

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is ideal for building concept models, functional prototypes and end-use parts using standard, engineering-grade and high-performance thermoplastics. FDM is a filament-based additive technology distributed by a moving print head that extrudes a heated thermoplastic material in a pattern layer-by-layer onto a build platform. FDM is the best choice for jigs and fixtures, molds, tooling and other functional parts that require durability and resistance.

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FDM Before and After AMT Post Processing

FDM Parts shown before and after post processing with AMT PostPro3D

Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) is ideal for enclosures, electronics housings, complex ducts, lattice structures and functional assemblies. MJF is capable of 3D printing parts with high detail, as well as suitable for applications that require durability. MJF builds parts by laying down a thin layer of powder on a print bed over and over. The inkjet array in the print carriage sweeps over the print bed, jetting two agents downward—a fusing agent and a detailing agent.

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MJF Parts Before and After Post Processing

MJF Parts shown before and after post processing with AMT PostPro3D

If you have questions on manufacturing processes, materials or finishing options, talk to a Fathom expert today. Our engineer team specializes in rapid manufacturing for even the most complex projects and will find a solution that fits your needs.

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Comprehensive Capabilities for Rapid Manufacturing

At Fathom we offer a unique advantage of speed and agility-our experts help companies go from concept to prototype to manufacturing in ways not previously possible. 

90+ Machines  
SLS / / Two-day  SLA / / Next-day 
FDM / / Next-day DMLS / / Three-day 
PolyJet / / Same-day MJF / / Two-day

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30 Second Quotes
Prototype Tool / / As soon as 10 days
10K Parts / / 10 days
Production Tool / / As soon as 3 weeks

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3 & 5 Axis Milling & Turning
(Plastics, Composites and Metals)

Tolerance Accuracy Range
from +/-0.001″ to 0.005″

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Injection Molding Adjacent
without High Costs of Metal Tools

Most Commonly Used for High-Volume
Prototyping & Bridge to Production

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Finishing, Production Painting and Color Matching

Assembling, Including Embedded Electronic
Components, Threaded Inserts, and More

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CAD, DFAM and DFM Services

Apply Methods to Increase Speed
and Decrease Total Cost

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Highly Trained Staff / / Full-Time & Part-Time
Support as Short-Term & Long-Term Strategy

Decrease Downtime with Customizable
Staffing Accelerates Implementation

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