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Covid-19 Response: 3D Printing to Help Medical Community

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Connecting Industrial 3D Printing Manufacturing To Help the Medical Community

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Bringing Our Communities Together to Help with Medical Shortages

In times of need, advanced manufacturing and 3D printing companies pull together to solve unique challenges. The current pandemic of COVID-19 has once again brought this community together to leverage our expertise and technologies to design and manufacturer much-needed supplies for the medical community.

Fathom, an advanced manufacturing company with production locations around the world has the unique ability of using 3D printing alongside traditional manufacturing to solve unique product development challenges. This current challenge is a great use of our capabilities and expertise for a good cause.

As of 3/30/2020 Here’s What Fathom Has Done

  • We have already shipped 540 of 1,000 face shields to Team Health in Tennessee, 45,000 gowns in order for Longview Senior Center across the country and in order of 20,000 face shields for Brookdale Senior Center in Chicago

  • Our team donated 1,000 KN95 masks which will be delivered to Novato Community Hospital on Monday, with 2,000 more on the way. We were notified they only had five masks remaining.

  • Shortage of Nasopharyngeal Swabs for COVID-19 Test Kits / /  We have been assisting in developing and testing unique designs for test-kit swabs using our #3DPrinting technologies as the primary swab suppliers have been over-run by demand (and also the #virus). We have been collaborating with several partners such as Harvard University, HP and Abiogenix. This project is showing great success with mechanical, clinical and viral testing and hopefully getting FDA approval this week, followed by ramping to production.

  • Through our supply chain we connected a hospital management group to an FDA approved Chinese mask manufacturer. The result of this connection is having in process 100k KN95 masks on track to delivered to Vituity hospitals. 2,500 KN95 masks have been already donated to various Vituity locations.

  • Fathom is collaborating with several educational institutions and laboratories to assist in designing and manufacturing critical components for various low cost and easier to produce ventilators. Leveraging our rapid capacity and capabilities, we can help produce components to bring these life-saving tools to the front lines. One of the inspiring projects we are working on is the MIT E-Vent Emergency Ventilator. MIT has submitted the design to the FDA for fast track review, which will hopefully get approval this week and production beginning immediately after that to fulfill the immediate need to hospitals around the country. If you would like to help or get involved, please visit the following link.


Swab Designs for Test Kits are under way


Ventilators are in short supply & several projects are underway to fill this need


KN95 masks protect and keep the medical community safe & healthy

How You Can Help

While we are quickly able to provide design and engineering services, procure masks or produce swabs for test kits, the work for our clients doesn’t stop there! They still need help with locating supplies, assembly, sterilization, packaging, distribution and shipping. That’s why were asking YOU to help. If you are someone who can offer your professional services to support the medical community to get them their much-needed supplies, we need you! OR if you’re IN the medical community and need supplies or any additional assistance, please fill out the form below.

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First Row

Derek Roedel / / Fathom, Strategic Account Manager
Jessica Chauhan / / Fathom, Director of Marketing
Rich Stump / / Co-Founder & CCO, Fathom

Second Row

Peter Allen / / Program Manager, www.Vituity.com
Tony Slavik / / Fathom, Applications Engineering Manager
Eric Appelblom / / Fathom, Business Development Mgr, IM Programs

Third Row

Goutam Reddy / / CEO/Founder Abiogenix Inc.
Chris Blower / / Fathom, Engineering Program Manager

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