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Industrial Additive Manufacturing

Industrial Introduction

Fathom is a provider of industrial additive manufacturing services for quick turnaround industrial prototypes and production industrial manufacturing. Industrial companies are often confronted with creating special-purpose parts in short-run productions. The production of small runs is often not cost effective with manufacturing requiring tooling. Additive Manufacturing (AM) provides industrial companies with new opportunities for tool-less production methods.

Tool-less additive manufacturing is a cost-effective solution for the production of small quantities. One other advantage is the practically unlimited availability of spare parts, which can be manufactured as needed.

Responding quickly to changing parts geometries before the start of production involves a lot of work and costs. Industrial additive manufacturing gives designers maximum freedom to design for greater material efficiency than machining methods.

Industrial Applications


Burners //
Designing burners with complex internal channels creates a fuel/air mixture that allows the burner to use both gaseous and liquid fuels.
Gripper Systems //
Gripper systems are designed specifically for the product to be transported. Lightweight 3D printed grippers play a central role in handling and robotic system applications.
Lightweight Complex Structures //
The reduced mass has a positive effect on the speed and productivity of the machine.
Lightweight Hinges & Brackets //
Hinges and brackets can be designed, produced and installed as integrated components.
Industrial Mounts & Brackets //
Additive manufacturing makes it possible to adjust the design of mounts and brackets very quickly if the product changes.
Complete Assemblies //
Many functions can be incorporated in the components during production. Additive manufacturing makes it possible reduce assembly steps for many individual components.

Example Projects

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