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Machine Shop Services

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CNC Machining Services
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Plastic & Metal
CNC Machining
Machine Shop Services

We provide all-inclusive machine shop services. Whether your design specifications are relatively simple or highly complex, we will manage your requirements. From design assistance, metal fabrication, painting and screen printing to final assembly.

About Our Machine Shop Services

With high-precision machine shop services, we offer subtractive manufacturing processes from the first cuts to the final finishes. Machines designed for cutting, drilling, shaping, forming, stamping and more, are operated by highly skilled machinists and technical staff inside the machine shop. Everything from aircraft to engines have spent time in a machine shop. Services offered by our facility include / /

Design Assistance

Our experts can help you find the best solution for your project.

Metal Fabrication

We are a single-source supplier for custom precision parts.


Our machine shop includes painting and finishing services.

Screen Printing

When aesthetics matter, we can add a custom design with a high-quality finish to your part.

Final Assembly

No need to outsource assembly; we can assemble the parts in-house and have them ready to ship on time, every time.

Machine Shop Equipment

Heavy equipment is used inside the machine shop to create new products. This requires the machine shop to be adequately ventilated and follow all necessary safety measures. Some examples of machinery that can be found inside a machine shop include:

Wire EDM Machines

EDM uses heat from electrical currents to cut through metal.

Milling Machines

A milling machine uses rotary cutters to subtract material from a part.

Grinding Machines

A grinding machine uses an abrasive wheel to change the surface of a workpiece.

Drill Press Machines

Drill presses have more uses than just drilling holes. They are a stationary drill that is controlled by a lever. They are capable of making holes through the workpiece.

Lathe Machines

A lathe rotates a part as it is making contact with the cutting tool. Lathes can be used for facing, sanding, knurling and more.

Bandsaw Machine

The bandsaw is used to make straight cuts to remove material before further processing.

Buffer/Deburring Machines

For more refined finishes, buffing and deburring will produce a smooth finish on the surface of the workpiece.

Belt Sanders

The belt sander uses a moving sheet of sandpaper to produce a fine finish.

Welding/Spotwelding Machines

Welding is used to join metal surfaces together. Spotwelding uses copper alloy electrodes to direct a welding current to a “spot,” melting the material to join two pieces.

Surface Finishing Tools

Multiple types of equipment may be used to polish, puff, sandblast, powder coat or paint a part.

Machining Center

A CNC milling machine uses different kinds of machines to complete manufacturing tasks.

In addition to machines, machine shops also host an inventory of raw materials used to make parts. The machinists may also use the machine shop to create digital designs of parts.

Selecting the Best Machine Shop for Your Project

When searching for a new partner to handle your manufacturing needs, there are many factors to consider. The Fathom Digital Manufacturing can be the single-source supplier of custom precision sheet metal or machined products. Our experts will exceed your expectations, from design assistance to metal fabrication, painting, screen printing and final assembly. We are dedicated to being the best in the industry and delivering the highest quality products and services on time. Our services include / /


Our management of projects is sophisticated. Quality, costs, methodology and scheduling are meticulously monitored and controlled. From design assistance provided by our in-house development team to the integrated manufacturing processes and delivery of the product, customer satisfaction is assured. Through an on-going progressive attitude and meticulous Continuous Improvement initiatives, we are dedicated to being the industry’s very best in machine shop services. We are absolutely committed to continually creating and maintaining an atmosphere for total success.


Through concurrent engineering, we work in partnership with you to find the single best approach. Our objective is to meet your needs. While our attention is ultimately centered on quality performance, our principal focus is always customer satisfaction.

Single Source Manufacturing

This single-source capability reduces the overall time required for manufacturing and frequently allows for departments to coordinate purchasing, scheduling and deliveries. Perhaps the most important benefit is the increased level of value engineering the experts at Fathom provide at every stage of the manufacturing process.


Fathom is proud to offer a wide range of tooling to meet nearly any customer specification. If your design has unique requirements, tooling can be developed to meet your needs.

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