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Aerospace Additive Manufacturing

Aerospace Introduction

Fathom is a provider of aerospace additive manufacturing services for quick turnaround aerospace prototypes and production parts. Additive manufacturing of lightweight components for aerospace applications reduces fuel consumption, material costs and CO2 emissions.

Engine and turbine parts are typical applications for aerospace companies. By integrating additive manufacturing, especially metal 3D printing, into their production, complex geometries can be manufactured quickly and cost-effectively. Since part production does not require tooling, production costs are reduced and small production runs are made possible.

Lightweight structures manufactured using additive manufacturing are high strength and the material saving translates into reduced costs. Due to advancements in additive manufacturing, airplanes can consume significantly less fuel and emit less carbon dioxide.

Aerospace Applications


Engine Parts //
3D printing technology can reduce engine production costs without compromising performance or reliability.
Turbines //
Eliminate the complex, time-consuming and costly procedure of casting turbine blades in order to increase time to market.
Rocket Engines //
Additive manufacturing gives both large and small companies the ability to quickly reach space.
Fuel Nozzles //
Components designed as a single part simplify assembly and quality assurance.
Lightweight Brackets //
Material and weight savings lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
Flow Measurement Probes //
The ability to create internal passages not possible with CNC machining make additive manufacturing a clear choice.

Example Projects //

Manufacturing Locations Across National Time Zones
The Fathom Advanced Manufacturing Platform

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