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3D Printing for Form fit and Function

3D Printing Prototypes: Form, Fit and Function

Learn more about Form, Fit and Function for 3D printing prototypes with Account Manager Colin Caufield from Fathom.

In this short video, Colin talks about 3D printing for San Francisco Bay Area entrepreneurs Aaron Latzke and David Delcourt of Siva Cycle who wanted to create a production-like prototype for their Kickstarter project. Read the full case study at: Siva Cycle

There are three fs to rapid prototyping — we like to talk about form, fit and function. The example that we have here is something that we did for a client of ours, Siva Cycle. It is a device with internal gears and parts that interlock and it connects to the hub of a bicycle. As you pedal, the wheel turns gears on the inside, generating electricity. Then you have a charged battery. The form of this, as you can see, is that you can hold it in your hands. You can see how it really feels or the weight of it and you can imagine how it attaches to a bicycle. The fit was really testing all of the components that come together — the internal gears that turn each other, the way it locks into the hub of the bicycle and just the general accuracy in what they were looking for in their product and how close it was to the CAD files they made. This is a great example of testing all three fs in rapid prototyping — form (how it feels), fit (how everything comes together) and function (how it actually works when you put it on the bike).

Comprehensive Capabilities for Rapid Manufacturing

At Fathom we offer a unique advantage of speed and agility-our experts help companies go from concept to prototype to manufacturing in ways not previously possible. 

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Prototype Tool / / As soon as 10 days

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Production Tool / / As soon as 3 weeks

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(Plastics, Composites and Metals)

Tolerance Accuracy Range
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