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Who is Fathom Digital Manufacturing? One of the largest on-demand digital manufacturing platforms in North America.

Wire EDM Machining

Equipped with the most advanced EDM technologies.

CNC Machining in Arizona

Creating parts other machining operations cannot handle.

Prototype to Full-Scale Production

Precision parts created with high tech processes.

Working Through Industry-Specific Needs

We meet the customized needs of your specific industry.

Micropulse West Resources

Wire EDM and CNC Machining Specialists

With many different machining technologies and a team of highly skilled experts, Micropulse West has been providing customers with precise machining services since 1994. Micropulse is equipped with the most accurate, high-tech machinery available specializing in Wire, Ram, and Small Hole EDM, CNC Machining, Surface Grinding and Quality Inspection. As part of Fathom Digital Manufacturing, Micropulse West has access to a robust nationwide network of comprehensive additive and advanced manufacturing capabilities.

With many different machining technologies and a team of highly experienced personnel, Micropulse West by Fathom is here to provide you with the machining services you need.

Micropulse West Inside Workshop
Micropulse West Inside Workshop

About EDM Machining

Electrical discharge machining, commonly called EDM, is used to create parts and components out of conductive materials that other machining operations cannot handle because of the hardness of the material, the precision of the required cut or other factors. EDM is used in many applications, but it is especially useful for creating prototypes, dies, and molds because it can cut very intricate pieces and cut through hard metals such as kovar, titanium, Inconel, carbide, and hardened tool steel. The medical, aerospace, automotive and defense industries use EDM machining extensively. EDM may also be used for removing drills and broken items from cavities. Micropulse has a complete range of EDM machines that will suit any customer needs.

Wire EDM Machining Services

Wire EDM (Wire-Cut EDM or Wire Cutting) uses a thin single strand of spooled wire that is fed through a workpiece and submerged or flushed with deionized water. The deionized water constantly flushes away small particulates as the electrode cuts the material and maintains thermal stability. There is no physical contact between the wire and the machined part. The wire controls the path of the electrical discharge and as the wire voltage charges it removes layers of material with each pass.

Wire EDM Cutting Ranges

The wire EDM machines at Fathom Manufacturing’s Arizona production facility are capable of cutting plates as thick as 16.5” and as thin as .001” which is usually accurate up to 0.0002” and can have a cutting path or kerf as small as 0.006” and internal radiance of 0.003”. This helps with making punches, tools, and dies from hard metals that are difficult to machine with other methods.

Wire EDM services are perfect for projects that require the materials to be cut straight through or tapered. Since the hardness of the material being cut has no effect on the cutting speed, wire EDM can be used to cut a wide range of conductive materials including hard metals or materials that are fairly brittle and would be damaged by other machining processes.

Wire EDM Specifications

Machine travel lengths:

CHARMILLES 240 13.7″ 8.6″ 8.6″
CHARMILLES 290 (2) 15.7″ 9.8″ 7.8″
CHARMILLES 300 15.7″ 9.8″ 15.7″
CHARMILLES CUT 300 21.7″ 13.8″ 15.75″
CHARMILLES 440C 21.7″ 13.8″ 15.75″
CHARMILLES 510 27.5″ 15.7″ 15.7″
CHARMILLES CUT 200SP 13.8″ 8.66″ 8.66″
CHARMILLES CUT P 550 21.65″ 13.77″ 15.75″


Wire EDM Machine
Wire EDM Machine

Why Choose Wire EDM Machining

There are a number of reasons why wire EDM is the best option for certain projects.

More Effective Cutting Capabilities
Wire EDM is more accurate than plasma, die, laser cutting or conventional tools. It is also a cost effective method for projects with low quantities.

Small Radius Cuts
We can achieve small radius cuts that are not possible from conventional milling.

No Direct Contact
There is no direct contact between the cutting tools and the part that is being machined. Leaving the machined part precise without any heat treat distortion.

Cut Many Different Types of Conductive Metals
Our wire EDM services can cut through many different types and sizes of metals, including kovar, titanium, carbide, and metals that require extreme care. These metals can range from thin and brittle to the incredibly thick and strong.

Cut Delicate, Intricate Parts
Since no cutting forces are applied to the material Wire EDM services can also cut very small pieces, corners, internal fillets, and contours, which can be accurate up to .0002”. These shapes may be too delicate and intricate for other machining methods.

Prototyping up to High Volume Machining
We can handle small prototyping projects which require quick turn around or high volume, large run machining projects requiring 24/7 production.

Wire EDM Machining FAQ

What is the Largest Angle of Taper Possible?
Our largest angle of taper is 30º

What is the Accuracy of the Wire EDM Machines Used?
Our Wire EDM Machines can get as accurate as .0002” (Inches)

What is the Tallest Part Able to be Cut?
We can handle parts up to 16 ¾” (Inches) Tall.

What is the Largest Work Envelope Possible?
13 ½” x 21 ½” x 16 ¾” however, In some cases, parts can be larger, please inquire with design.

About Ram / Sinker EDM Machining

Ram / Sinker EDM machining uses a job specific electrode connected to the ram and the power source. As the head feeds into the metal to be cut, the metal erodes. The entire process takes place in a fluid bath that continuously flushes away cutting debris and cools the metal to prevent unwanted changes to its metallurgical properties. The Ram / Sinker EDM process can be used to clean and repair damaged exterior or interior walls with a .002” tolerance.

Ram / Sinker EDM Key Features

  • Practically Sharp .002″ Internal
  • All Conductive Materials
  • Able to repair & clean damaged interior/exterior walls

RAM / Sinker EDM Machining Services

Ram/Sinker EDM, sometimes called cavity type EDM or volume EDM, uses specially shaped, graphite, copper or tungsten electrodes which is submerged with the workpiece in dielectric fluids. The electrode is connected to a power source attached to a ram or head, and slowly fed into the work piece. Which then creates a spark to sink or burn a shape into the material being machined.

Our Ram/Sinker EDM machines can be used to cut a wide variety of conductive materials, including precious metals, soft & hard metals, super alloys, and conductive ceramics. By using this technique rather than more traditional methods, Ram/Sinker EDM is able to produce complex shapes using 3D modeling without introducing stress or causing the machined material to suffer from heat distortion.

Ram/Sinker EDM Specifications

Machine travel lengths:

CHARMILLES FORM 20 13.8″ 9.85″ 9.85″
MITSUBISHI EA12S SINKER 15.7″ 11.8″ 11.8″


Ram Sinker EDM Machine
Ram Sinker EDM Machine

Why Choose Ram/Sinker EDM Machining

There are a number of reasons why Ram/Sinker EDM is the best option for certain projects.

3D Capabilities
Ram/Sinker EDM is able to create 3D parts and pieces. This allows for the creation of a wider range of prototypes and models.

More Complex
Ram/Sinker EDM services are also preferred for products that feature complex geometries. The electrode never touches the materials, so there is no contact damage.

No Pre-Drilling Needed
This type of machining does not require any pre-drilled holes.

Highly Accurate
The parts created using this type of EDM are very accurate and intricate. Instead of cutting, the electrodes are used to slowly erode the metal until it has the desired shape.

Little Heat Damage
There is very little heat generated by Ram/Sinker EDM, leaving the final piece free of heat damage. Melted materials are removed via the dielectric fluid the metal is bathed in.

Hole Damage Repair
Ram/Sinker EDM has the ability to repair and clean damaged interior/exterior walls without affecting geometric position.

Ram/Sinker EDM Machining FAQ

What is the Radius Ram/Sinker EDM Machines Can Produce?
Practically Sharp .002″ Internal

What is the Work Envelope Capable by the Ram/Sinker EDM Machines?
Machine specs have limits, contact us to discuss.

What is the Production Size That Can Be Handled?
We can handle small to large production runs.

About Small Hole EDM Machining

Small Hole EDM uses a specialized hollow electrode to cut precise holes into metal. The electrode spins, similar to a drill, but it is the electrical spark from the power source applied to the electrode that actually removes the metal. The process creates a series of holes in the material, which may combine into a single larger hole as the process continues. During the entire operation, the materials are washed with fluid to carry away waste and provide cooling. This process can create holes as small as .010 at any angle, with no burrs or damage.

Small Hole EDM Key Features

  • Smallest Diameter Holes: .015″ (Some applications we can drill .010”)
  • Able to Drill ALL Angles
  • No Burrs or Damage

Small Hole EDM Machining Services

We use computer-controlled Small Hole EDM machines in order to carefully cut holes in a wide variety of conductive metals and materials. Small Hole EDM is different from Wire EDM in that it is mainly used to cut small holes in passes, rather than cut pieces of metal into shapes.

Small Hole EDM is the process of using a hollow electrode that spins around a spindle, similar to a drill and drill bit, and uses the small hollow electrode to guide the electrical pulses through metal. The electrode is made of either brass or copper tubing and is electrically charged by a servo-controlled generator producing the spark.

Since the holes are cut via guided electric spark, and not by the electrode itself, this leaves the conductive material free of burrs and other deformities. Small Hole EDM is also effective in simpler applications, such as removing broken taps & drills from cavities.

Small Hole EDM Specifications

Machine travel lengths:

CHARMILLES DRILL 20 11.8″ 7.8″ 11.8″
Belmont Hole Popper SY-4050TGR 19.6″ 15.7″ 15.7″ 19.6″

Smallest Diameter Holes: .015″ (Some applications we can drill .010”)

Small hole EDM machine
Small hole EDM machine

Why Choose Small Hole EDM Machining

There are a number of reasons why Small Hole EDM is the best option for certain projects.

Small Holes In Hard Materials
Our Small Hole EDM services can make small holes in hardened materials like carbide & tungsten.

Reach Inaccessible Areas
Holes can be created in pieces or finished products that could not otherwise be drilled. This allows for the placement of holes in very small or inaccessible areas.

Uses Less Force
Small Hole EDM uses very little force to create holes. Instead, the material is gradually eroded by repeated sparks.

No Burrs Or Damage
The method used to create the holes in the material leaves no damage. There are no burrs or other dents around the created holes.

Small Diameter Holes
Each system can be set to automatically create the necessary holes in the material. We are capable of manufacturing holes down to .015”.

All Conductive Materials
Our Small Hole EDM services can handle any type of conductive material, whether it is hard metals or soft, brittle materials.

Small Hole EDM Machining FAQ

What is the Smallest Hole that Can be Drilled?
Generally .015″, however, in some applications .010” is possible.

Are There Limitations When Designing for the X & Y Axis?
Yes, inquire with design.

What Angles Can Be Drilled?
ALL angles are possible.

Is It Possible to Drill on Angles or Round Surfaces?
Yes, it is possible to drill on angles and round surfaces.

Can Small Hole EDM Remove Broken Bits or Taps?
Yes, and in most cases without harming the part.


CNC machining is fast for manufacturing prototypes and production quantity runs. CNC machines are programmable, and they can run autonomously, producing parts from a wide variety of materials quickly and efficiently. Micropulse West has a variety of state-of-the-art CNC machines to ensure we meet our customer needs for quality components.


A CNC lathe uses modern tooling and computer programming to create parts quickly and accurately. Parts produced on a CNC lathe are identical, making them ideal for applications that require precision. A CNC lathe has the same capabilities as a manual lathe, but it runs autonomously. Parts up to 11 feet long can be produced in large or small runs.

  • Largest Part We Can Turn: 11′ (Feet)
  • Small to Large Runs
  • Create Identical Parts



Our CNC gantry routers can create complex 2D and 3D parts and prototypes. The multi-axis machine’s bits spin at very high speed, following the specs from the computer program that controls the machine’s operation. We can create consistent parts with dimensions up to up to 5’ by 10’.

  • Largest Part We Can Run: 5′ x 10′
  • Full 2D & 3D Machining Capabilities
  • Multi-Axis Machining Which Produces Consistent Work on Large Plates



A CNC surface grinder creates parts with a fine surface finish. CNC grinders are semi-automated to provide more precise control for precision work such as sharpening blades or deburring cut pieces, with a tolerance of +/- .0002 / 6RMA finish. Multi-variable speed CNC surface grinders can handle a surface up to 12” by 24”.

  • Tolerance: +/- .0002 / 6RMA Finish
  • Largest Surface: 12” x 24”
  • Multivariable Speed Grinding



Micropulse West by Fathom employs a highly skilled team of machinists dedicated to rapid prototyping. We use the full range of our CNC & EDM equipment to create exactly the part specified in your design. We offer fast turnaround and rapid changes as your design evolves. Multiple identical prototypes can be produced with a turnaround time of just a few hours.

  • Able to Produce Identical Prototypes from Graphic file
  • Fastest Turn Around Time: Hours (Dependent On Complexity of Part)
  • Multi-Machine Prototyping

Haas Mill Machine


Cutting surfaces on dies suffer from wear after a period of use, resulting in unacceptable finish or out of tolerance parts. Since dies are made from extremely hard materials to enable them to withstand the rigors of cutting other hard materials, they are difficult or impossible to repair in most standard machining facilities. We have the skills and equipment to offer complete die repair for all your tooling saving our customers time and money.

  • Tolerance:
    • Wire EDM: .0002″
    • CNC Machining: .0005″
  • Repair or Reshape & Flexible Sizes / Shapes
  • Fast Turnaround



These machines use your computer generated designs and blueprints to create parts quickly and accurately. Our skilled team and the CNC programming controls speed, feed rate and pressure to control the finished product and ensure it meets your specifications exactly. We work with a wide variety of materials from very soft to very hard, turning out perfect parts every time.

  • Tolerance:
    • Wire EDM: .0002″
    • CNC Machining: .0005″
  • Wide Range of Materials
  • Precisely Reproduce CAD Files


Industry Needs


The aerospace and defense industries include satellites, airline manufacturers, orbital spacecraft, NASA, Military and more. They require precise parts that are either not generally available to the public or they are in need of a number of unique parts and pieces for equipment. This means the parts these industries require have wide ranging needs and specs. On one side there is a need for mass produced parts, while on the other, there are unique spacecraft and rockets that may need small runs of very specialized parts.


The medical field often requires precise, accurate equipment created from materials that can be sterilized. Our EDM and CNC techniques are often the only way of achieving the tolerances necessary for the machined materials. A vast majority of what we do in the medical industry is medical device manufacturing for the tool, device or the custom equipment medical companies, as such, all parts and products used have to be perfectly calibrated and sized.


The automotive industry encompasses more than simply automobiles, it also includes the machines to build them, maintain them, and repair them. We machine the parts that these machines require to build, maintain and repair vehicles.

The automotive industry is one of the largest industries in the world. There are millions of cars sold every year, and every car requires very specific parts. Some of these parts are even unique to a particular make and model, requiring manufacturers to have small runs of certain parts made for the machines they use. Many prototype pieces are needed in order to test new models before they are made available to the public. Micropulse is able make the machine pieces necessary that the industry uses to build prototype car projects.


The energy sector is the backbone of society, providing electricity and other forms of energy to homes and businesses. The energy industry encompasses electricity, solar, natural gas, propane, and many other types of power. In addition to fossil fuels, many energy companies also have equipment for harnessing solar, wind, and water energy. As such, it requires parts and products that are very durable and dependable. As such we have machined many parts and projects in the alternative energy industry like green transit devices, solar conversion support, parabolic cells and molds.


Fathom Manufacturing’s extensive certifications include ISO 9001:2015, ISO 9001:2015 Design, ISO 13485:2016, NIST 800-171 and ITAR.

Specifically, Micropulse West maintains certifications for ISO 9001:2015, NIST 800-171 and ITAR.

Our Mission

“Our mission at Micropulse West is to provide you with the highest level of quality from highly skilled people using the latest machining technology available.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your results. We maintain a lean, efficient operation. Our personalized service produces better customer satisfaction. Our goal is to develop long lasting, mutually beneficial, professional relationships.”

Joseph Tripi, President
Micropulse West.



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Micropulse West is located in Tempe, Arizona but services all the following local areas: Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Higley, Phoenix, Gold Canyon, Laveen, Fountain Hills, Tolleson, Cashion, Sacaton, Avondale, Queen Creek, Glendale, Sun City and more. Additional areas can receive drop shipped parts or be served by other Fathom facilities that span the entire United States across the areas of additive, CNC machining, injection molding, sheet metal fabrication and over 25 different manufacturing processes.

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