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Oakland 2014 3D Printing Expansion

Fathom Expands in Oakland

Fathom Expands its Oakland Facility to Meet Its Customers’ Growing Needs for Advanced Prototyping and Low Volume Manufacturing

Fathom announced this month that recent in-house expansion efforts to provide rapid prototyping in Oakland at its production center, which includes new equipment and engineering focused hires to support the nation’s growing demand for its services.

Recent equipment installations include a Fortus 900mc from Stratasys, an FDM-based printer with a 36” x 24” x 36” build envelope. The additive production system is one of dozens already in operation on Fathom’s manufacturing floor alongside HAAS, Bridgeport and Arburg machines.

Stratasys recently announced the availability of ULTEM 1010 for the Fortus 900mc — the material strength and thermal stability make it ideal for advanced tooling and prototyping applications in the automotive, aerospace, medical and food-production industries.

“By bringing together new technologies and materials with legacy manufacturing methods, companies go from concept to prototype to manufacturing in a way that wasn’t previously possible,” said Rich Stump, Principal at Fathom. “We will continue to build on Fathom’s bridge-to-production offering, revolutionary additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques that dramatically speed up product development for our customers.”

Since the opening of its Seattle-based facility last year, the company’s growth hasn’t slowed down.

“We’re continually focused on meeting our customers’ needs for serious digital manufacturing and will continue to make substantial investments in the company,” said Michelle Mihevc, Principal at Fathom. “The Fathom team is innovatively compressing industry standard lead-times for our customers and their products are going to market faster and more efficiently.”

Founded by Stump and Mihevc in 2008, Fathom ranked for second year in a row on both the annual Inc. 500|5000 list of fastest growing private companies in the United States and the San Francisco Business Times’ list of 100 fastest-growing private companies in the Bay Area. The company was also named one of six growing manufacturers at CMTA’s inaugural Champions of Manufacturing Summit this year and ranked NO. 2—leading as NO. 1 in the manufacturing industry category—on the list of ICIC’s 100 fastest-growing inner city companies in America.

Fathom’s advanced prototype fabrication and low volume production services include 3D printing (FDM, PolyJet and SLS), rapid tooling and injection molding, 3D printed injection molding, urethane casting, CNC machining, model assembly and finishing.

To get a quote from Fathom for 3D printing and additive manufacturing services, send CAD files and application requirements and a Fathom team member will be in touch shortly.


Comprehensive Capabilities for Rapid Manufacturing

At Fathom we offer a unique advantage of speed and agility-our experts help companies go from concept to prototype to manufacturing in ways not previously possible. 

3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing
90+ Machines  
SLS / / Two-day  SLA / / Next-day 
FDM / / Next-day DMLS / / Three-day 
PolyJet / / Same-day MJF / / Two-day
Injection Molding

30 Second Quotes

Prototype Tool / / As soon as 10 days

10K Parts / / 10 days

Production Tool / / As soon as 3 weeks

CNC Machining

3 & 5 Axis Milling & Turning
(Plastics, Composites and Metals)

Tolerance Accuracy Range
from +/-0.001″ to 0.005″

Urethane Casting

Injection Molding Adjacent
without High Costs of Metal Tools

Most Commonly Used for High-Volume
Prototyping & Bridge to Production

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Fathom is driven by advanced technologies and methods that enhance and accelerate today’s product development and production processes.