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3D Printed Fasteners / / Screws For 3D Printed Parts

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Following a webinar and white paper on 3D printing jigs and fixtures, Siva Cycle Founder Aaron Latzke explained some ways in which 3D printed components could be used in conjunction with off-the-shelf materials to derive the greatest functionality from any given part. In continuing with our goal of sharing information as we navigate the frontier of additive manufacturing, Mechanical Engineer Alexei Samimi looked into how additively manufactured parts can be used with a wide variety of traditional fasteners when additional strength or versatility is required.

Samimi’s investigation proved fruitful as each fastener test demonstrated the durability and extreme functionality of the FDM-based parts (built on a Fortus 900mc at Fathom). Likewise, for the parts 3D printed on Fathom’s Objet Connex3, he explains various methods to combine PolyJet materials with off-the-shelf parts while maintaining function and preventing damage to the 3D printed material.


Samimi explores 13 traditional fasteners with 3D printed parts

Inserts with external threads, helical inserts, press-inserts, twist-resistant press-fits, heat-set inserts, chicago screws, magnets, blind rivets, grooved clevis pins, thread-forming screws, thread-cutting screws, captive nuts and overprinted captive nuts. Read the full article to learn more about using fasteners with 3D printed parts.


Credit / / Threaded insert CAD files acquired from www.mcmaster.com

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